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Yacht Clubs: An Observation

I'm On A Boat... So this morning I dropped Sarah* off at the yacht club. For her private sailing lesson. On her personal sailboat. She's 11. Whatever. Anyway, as I drove away I reminisced about the yacht club of my childhood. In Branson, Missouri. The "Yacht Club" was located right before the Taneycomo Bridge. Not even on the water. The entrance consisted of a used car sales lot, some hotel rooms I'm pretty sure are booked hourly, and a few mobile homes. The yacht club was clearly multi-fuctional but it's main purpose was an RV park. For the longest time I thought the sailboat on the wooden sign was a seagull. Cuz why do yacht clubs have sailboats when they're at full occupancy with RVs? And trailers. And used cars. Anyway. Now I know. When you google Pequot Yacht Club this is the first image:

When you google Hollister, Mo Yacht Club...

Oh boy. I really am blessed to have turned out so damn classy.


*Name changed

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