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WHEN TF Can I Buy This Book, MJ?

Updated: Nov 27, 2023


First of all, stay with me to the end. I’ve got exciting God, Sex, and Rich People PR appearances to share with you!

But OMG. I cannot believe it’s been so long since I released a blog. Maybe one day I'll write the follow up post to the "I Can Only Imagine" post that ended with "You know him as Hot Yoga Teacher. And things were about to get very hot indeed." Sorry for that cliff hanger. I promise to tell you all about the steamy sex I had once upon a time with a yoga teacher. Until then...

I wanted to give you guys a little update on what’s going on with the God, Sex, and Rich People book!

Here’s a quick synopsis

2020 : Offered a publishing deal. Turned it down*

2021 : took a break from the book to develop and film the God, Sex, & Rich People proof of concept pilot.

2022 : got back to writing my book, determined to finish it. Decidedly self-publishing

2023 : model my entire process – writing, editing, beta readers, more editing, hiring a publicist for PR help, hiring a cover artist, hiring a typesetting/designer – after traditional publishing, but with my own money. Hoped to release in November 2023, delayed to Winter/early Spring 2024.

*I turned it down because, after hiring a lawyer and talking to a lot of other author friends, I decided it wasn’t the right fit for my career. They weren’t giving me an advance (see: they were not paying me), they were a small indie house that wouldn't have any more of a reach than I’d have, and they wanted ancillary rights {TV show rights, etc…}. I decided that if I wasn’t going to make any money as a first time author, I might as well do the whole thing myself, the way I wanted. I’m grateful for how that experience put a fire under my butt to make this book a real thing that was happening, and for teaching me a ton about the publishing world. But yes, ultimately decided to not go with them. Three years later, I know what to look for and what to avoid in the publishing industry.

The book is now done. It needs a final copy edit, then styling/formatting for the physical book, but even the cover art is near finished (and I'm dying to share by I can't)! This book was very close to being put on selling channels for pre-sale.

And then…

Fast forward to a month ago, when I was approached by Sadia Azmat, UK based author of Sex Bomb, to talk being a writer in New York (I felt very official). After our three hour chat about varying experiences of purity culture and comedy writing as a Muslim and previously known Evangelical, Sadia asked boldly “MJ, why are you self-publishing? You’re in a way better position now than you were three years ago to get published. You’ve got all this PR traction, you’ve got an editor from Simon & Schuster, you’ve got a PILOT.. Get an agent and get a publisher. You need to get paid.”

But ugghghghgjknzdkndfjkn SADIA! I’ve been working on this for YEARS. I just want it to be out and into the hands of those who have been following this process for so long!

But, also, since the beginning of this process, I have committed to Linda Kay Klein’s words to of wisdom about entering into author-dom. Over dinner in Washington Heights and me trying not to fan girl, she told me “Trust the timing of your book. Do not force it. I started my book 10 years before it released. I waited until I got the right publisher. Then it released in early 2017, right after Trump's election. I don't believe anyone was ready to hear about my studies before then,"

Trust the timing of your book.

Don't rush it.

My ego wants this thing to be out already, but divine timing is asking for something else. I put off the launch date, in that time I met Sadia, and God spoke to me through another Abrahamically wounded baddie.

I know she's right. I would be selling myself short if I didn’t give myself a real shot at having a career as an author, not just a hobby that pays me sometimes.

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m in the process of sending emails to book agents who can help me get a three book deal (yes! I have ideas for two more books!) with a traditional publishing house.

All this to be said, I am still saying that the book will be released in Winter/Spring of 2024, because who knows? Maybe no one wants to publish this thing and I will be back to releasing it myself. Anything could happen! All I know is, I’m confident this book is good and I’m confident with the right team who knows this business better than me, we can sell a lot of copies.

So stay tuned! As soon as there is more news to share, I will share more. In fact, there is some more news!

The previously Evangelical pastor turned tatted up thirst trap for all us ex purity ring wearers. In all seriousness, Brian is a wellspring of knowledge and I highly recommend his content to anyone who is newly deconstructing. I learn so much from his page and he has hella book recs. On this IG live we talk dating in deconstruction and my book God, Sex, and Rich People: A Recovering Evangelical Testimony.

AND ALSO, I was on Meghan Tschanz’s Faith and Feminism podcast (listen here!).

I love the work Meghan does and love her podcast, so I was absolutely elated to be invited to speak! That being said, I must warn you. While I usually try to keep things light within very heavy topics, this one gets pretty heavy towards the end. Meghan asks me questions about 2016, when just 2 days after Trump was elected, I was date raped. (psst I wrote about this experience here, here, and here).



Annnnnd also, I will be going live with THE Erica Smith Sex Ed on Instagram tomorrow, Monday, November 27th at 6:30 ET. Erica does so much to educate ex-purity culture participants of all ages, sexual and gender identities. I love and am so very grateful for the work she does!

We are gunna chat my book and how to date as a Recovering Evangelical. Tune in and share share share!

And one more thing that has nothing to do with the book. I'm gunna be on the big screen! That's right! In all of God's divine irony, my first ever movie showing IN THEATRES by a major distributor (Lionsgate!!!!!) role is in a faith-based film entitled Unsung Hero. You can watch the trailer here. Look out for my 2-3 small scenes standing next to Candice Cameron in April 2024!

Lastly, if you love my work, please share. Get people on my IG and signing up for my email list. Unfortunately, numbers do matter. The more followers and subscribers I have, the more attractive I am to publishers. This is the easiest and best way to support me :)

Okay, I think that’s all for now! Love y’all and talk soon!


Ken has a new business venture! Don't like your non-photogenic peen? Not to worry! Ken has the the solution. Draw it instead! Sample of his work here:

Share and tag me @mattiejocowsert to spread the word. DM for potential hire.

Serious inquiries only.

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Tony Christmas
Tony Christmas
Nov 27, 2023

Great update, MJ! Looking forward to the book! Good on you for self-publishing! Keep going!

Mattie Jo Cowsert
Mattie Jo Cowsert
Nov 27, 2023
Replying to

Thanks, Tony! But in the end, I may not be self-publishing. As stated in the blog post, I'm now reaching out to agents to get traditionally published. We'll see!

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