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A Lil' PR Tour for Your Ear Holes

Hello everyone!

I'll make this one pretty brief as I'm really just here to share a lot of links I hope you'll click on and share (wink wink). But before I do that, I want to say welcome to all the new subscribers I've accrued from these various interviews! It means SO MUCH to me that you all have shared your emails so I can share my words. If you're new here, please give the blog page a little perusal. There are lots of blogs here about breaking down Christian theology pillars to comparing sex to dancing at a ball in Vienna (you'll see). You should have gotten a starter reading list when you subscribed, but if you didn't I'll share one at the end of this post. So, stay tuned!

Without further ado, here are some wonderful podcasts and IG LIVE interviews I've been featured on over the last few months, starting with the most recent (PS I'm sharing on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. If you don't use either I'm not sure what to tell you other than 2024 is beckoning you into its technological bossom):


The New Evangelicals Podcast! I felt like a little celeb getting on this one. I love the work Tim is doing (especially politically!) so I was sincerely honored to be featured on his pod. Give them a follow on IG and listen to their podcast regularly. You'll learn so much!


The Indoctrination Podcast with Rachel Bernstein. Rachel is a therapist who works specifically with folks coming out of high control groups (ie cults and, well, Evangelical churches), so if you need a therapist (you probably need a therapist), give her a shout!


Talkin' Politics & Religion Without Killin' Eachother with Nathan Corey. As a born and raised In Jersey Jewish guy turned Christian who deconstructed, I love Nathan's POV on this weirdo world I was raised in, then he accidentally bought into. Listen as we chat how Jewish dudes were the catalyst for my religious and sexual demise, and so much more!


Faith and Feminism Podcast with Meghan Tschanz (I am getting better and better at spelling her name from memory.) I won't lie, this one is a little heavy so, as one of my readers told me, "You should have warned me!" So, I'm warning you! lol. It was a tough conversation for me, but very very necessary. If after you listen you want some more context, you can read about how Planned Parenthood saved my life here here, here, and here.


Instagram Live with Erica Smith, M. Ed. Erica is a sex educator and creator of the Purity Culture Dropout program. Basically, Erica helps purity culture surthrivers get goodly fucked. Which is what I'm trying to also do so, two peas in a not-so-pure-pod (click the image for link)


Instagram live with Brian Recker. Brian's content is FIRE EMOJI. Not only is he a hot dad who talks about how Bluey is a great teacher (but don't compare yourself too hard to those Australian dogs), he is also an ex-Evangelical pastor so he's an incredible teacher. We discuss my orthodontics journey to pillars of deconstruction to why my parents don't suck. (click the image for link)


I know it's an annoying ask, but if you love any of these, please please share. Share the link, take a screenshot and tag me then post it to your socials, tell your grandma (don't tell your grandma), whatever! Just get the word out grass roots style :)

And the last bit of book news, I SHOULD have a release date announcement very very soon! I have an exciting meeting with a publisher this week so, fingers crossed! I will one day make a video all about traditional publishing, self-publishing, indie publishing and everything I've learned about how this whole book writing thing goes for most authors. Anywho...


And now exciting/funny actor things. See me in theaters April 2024 in Unsung Hero! A movie, oh so ironically, about the Christian music industry in the 1990s (you betcha Amy Grant is featured). Starring Candice Cameron, Lucas Black, and the guys from For King and Country, Jesus laughs HARD at this being my movie theatre debut.

Also! I was in a BMW commercial! I don't know when that will screen but I assume you all will tell me when you see me between your sports streaming breaks.

This weekend I'll be playing a surgeon in a short film entitled "360 CC." Next stop, New Amsterdam.

Annnnnd as promised, here is your reader starter pack as curated by me:

Okay, love y'all! Here's a have a good day/I love you from hot Jesus.

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