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I grew up the youngest daughter of four kids in a Midwest, wholesome, Christian household. I lived in Branson, Missouri (which was a lot like being on a kitschy, yet charming movie set all the time, but a movie set nonetheless). Now a New York City based actor, comedian, and storyteller, I'm ready to book that Hallmark Christmas movie so people back home know I’ve really made it.


Whether I’m the confident, sensible RA on campus, or the playful, yet focused  young mom/wife, I am loyal, optimistic, caring, witty, and grounded. My enthusiastic demeanor stems from a genuine happiness to be pursuing what I love to do, in a City with more adventure in one day than a year in the Midwest (No offense, Missouri).

I have starred in multiple independent short films, new media, and stage productions. I also enjoy storytelling through a comedic personal blog about coming to terms with my identity as a 20-something purity-ring-wearer in Manhattan (pssst it's a blog entitled God, Sex, and Rich People).

I received my BFA in Musical Theatre from Missouri State University (ah yes, I sing too!) and am a member of Actors Equity. I am currently enjoying courses in improv at The Magnet Training Center, as well as acting at The Anthony Meindl Studio. I have also trained one-one-one with award-winning writer, director, producer Harris Doran.


Connecting Recovering Evangelicals, One Shameless Overshare at a Time

Designed to entertain New Yorkers and Middle Americans alike with highlighting the nuanced details of navigating adulthood as a New York City actor from a Midwestern Evangelical background. From purity rings, to sex with pop stars, and learning not to hate myself, I share the honest, raw, and comical realities of figuring out faith, fucking, and how to be famous already. 


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